Library Budget Reports - 2017 Library Spending Plans
Libraries Achieve Equilibrium between Digital and Print as Budgets Advance (Community Public Library Edition)

The Community Public Library Edition is a subset of the larger Benchmark Study and includes survey results from 284 community public library managers and librarians and provides projections and spending trends for 2016.

Key findings from the Community Public Libraries Edition include the following:

  • Public library budgets are strong and getting stronger. Municipal and local support has strengthened and many aspects of public library operations and offerings continue to expand.
  • Ebook demand has peaked, but momentum toward digital is robust. Cloud-based computing is being used to expand communications and infrastructure and investment in 3D printing and associated tools will be a priority for 2016.
  • Some libraries are employing business approaches to managing their futures including long-term strategic planning and measuring the ROI from their up and running programs.