Library Budget Reports - 2017 Library Spending Plans
Libraries Achieve Equilibrium between Digital and Print as Budgets Advance (All Library Types)

This new Benchmark Study of 827 library managers and librarians reveals current spending patterns for public, government, and special libraries and provides projections and spending trends for 2016.

Key findings from the Benchmark Study include the following:

  • Library budgets, with the exception of academic institutions, have been on the rebound in recent years as the economy continues to gain momentum. Staffing and computer equipment acquisitions have been on the rise and print acquisition decline has leveled off, while ebook adoption has peaked and appears to be slipping. 
  • Although ebook demand has fallen, momentum toward digital continues to build. Cloud-based computing resources to extend communications and infrastructure are in play in more than two in five libraries.
  • Service is the mantra repeated among libraries today. There’s a renewed push to deliver greater customer service, as well as education on using the digital tools and platforms that are now part of today’s libraries.